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Showing the Beauty of Vienna & Clarity of Life

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Yue Mayr - professional tour guide for 20 years in 3 continents. Licensed in New York & Vienna. Featured on Austrian national newspaper Kurier & CGTN (former CCTV 9). With a degree from Fudan University, I speak perfect Chinese mandarin, fluent English and good German.

I string up the history & stories, architecture & culture, facts & figures with broad perspective and good humor. "Knowledgeable & personable, funny & spunky" are the regular praise I get. Most importantly you will feel the joy in my  Vienna Highlight Tour

Yue, a great guide, great knowledge, excellent humor. I enjoyed the tour a lot. Time just flew too fast. Her very deep knowledge alongside amazing sense of humor turned the experience unforgetable. Don't miss a tour in Vienna with Yue. - Raz Cherbelis

Emotion is energy in motion. Consciousness moves energy into forms. To manage life is to manage emotions. Feel better is the mantra. You can always feel better no matter where you are. It's all about how to live a happy life. I express Source through gazing, singing and movements and conduct the energy like a symphony. 

The first time I met Yue, I was sitting in the library and I felt the energy of a group of lively people walking up to the library. Her laughter caught my attention, she came over and asked me if I would like to join a channeling session she was about to give. I couldn’t believe my “luck”. I knew at that moment this was a divine intervention, don’t ask me how or why, I just knew. My body immediately said YES, YES, YES. A day after my first session with Yue, I began hearing my own guides. I haven’t recognized it before but I knew they were always trying to get my attention. I am starting to communicate with my guides more, I know what they sound like. I believe Yue opened a portal between me and them. My confidence within the next few days started sky-rocketing. My self-talk (or my talk with my Selves) got enhanced, I am being guided to thoughts and ideas about WHO I really am, I went from feeling scared and confused about some subjects and Yue’s guides sent me transmissions that I could feel influencing my cellular body. It didn’t just hit my conscious mind, it bathed and penetrated my subconscious mind, with one word. I feel so open and alive. I know this was a gift from Source. I am thrilled and honored to experience more of Yue for a very, very long time. Blessings. 

- Maryam Miyakoda

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