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Licensed tour guide since 2003 in 3 cities: Shanghai ---> New York City ---> Vienna. "Professional, knowledgeable & personable; sunny, funny & spunky" are words from my clients. You will taste my cheerful personality & the clarity about self & life in Vienna Happy Tours, as well as Happiness Workshop, where l teach how to be happy in the simplest and clearest manner, by being a walking talking example. 

Even the weather was rainy and cloudy, the guide Yue did super job to keep everybody interested and laughing. She has a great  sense of humor that made a trip kind of stand. Thank you so much for a wonderful time in Vienna. Will come back again for sure!

 After the 1st session with Yue, I was full of energy that colleagues asked me what happened to me. Her Happiness Coaching was very refreshing and empowering, I thank her guidance in a time of confusion. 

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