Happy Clients in Vienna

Letter of Recommendation

I have worked with Ms. Mayr on two occasions so far and could not be happier with her services. She has taken great care of our Chinese guests in Vienna and has gone above and beyond to support the group when they had question or needed help and in general make them feel welcome in Vienna.
The whole process of working together has been extremely easy and communication was quick and efficient. The guests were very happy with her services as well and the feedback we received was great. Our Chinese groups enjoyed her fun and energetic way and really understood and retained the information she passed on to them.
I enjoyed working with Yue Mayr and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a great tour guide in Vienna.

Christina Freisleben   

Vienna Tourist Board      10.12.2018

Crystal River Cruises Hongkong HQ


Hi Yue,

I'd like to thank you sincerely for the arrangement on the Shore Excursion during my recent trip with Crystal River Cruise, particularly the round trip sailing to and from Vienna between 10 - 20 November 2018.  You have provided my travel companions and me great pleasure through your good sense of humor, professionalism and your deep knowledge about the destinations of Vienna.  I'll definitely get in touch with you the next time I am in Vienna, which I am sure will happen sometime next year since I have promised my wife to take her on a Crystal River Cruise sailing.


Until then, take care and I look forward to seeing you again.


Best regards,

Kenneth Yau                         

Nov. 27th, 2018     

Nanjing Lufthansa

Dear Mrs. Yue ,


Greetings from Nanjing and wish you a belated Happy Chinese New Year .


I am writing to you as I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for your excellent tour guiding for our group of 11 people during our stay in Vienna ,  everything about it has been exceptional , we had very deep impression on your punctuality , passion , strong communication skills and professionalism .


You are a very enthusiastic guide with heaps of knowledge about sites in Vienna , you were absolutely hilarious and got along with the group really well . It was informative and interesting tour,  you put things in perspective and kept things entertaining despite the cold weather .  We loved the tour so much.


Thank you again and hope to seeing you in the near future.


Best Regards,     

Robin Wang         

Sales Executive 

Lufthansa Group     

Feb. 12th, 2019


Shanghai Lufthansa


Dear Yue,

Our 11-member Austrian aviation industry delegation has all successfully returned to Shanghai!


Once again, we were very happy and satisfied to meet you as our tour guide in Vienna, Austria. You let us enjoy high quality and excellent guiding service, with your professional knowledge and rich historical and cultural background, as well as your humorous and vivid explanations, we have been left deep impression and beautiful memories! Let us express our heartfelt thanks to you for the wonderful journey in Vienna!


It is no exaggeration to say that everyone’s unexpected sense of satisfaction and it is brought by your enthusiastic leadership and excellent work. You are also the “golden guide” that we all recognize and praise. I sincerely hope that I will be able to cooperate with you in the future. It will not only be a tourist experience, but a happy, healthy and noble soulful enjoyment.


I am also very grateful to the Austrian Tourist Board for the very thoughtful arrangements and the excellent guide they have.


Thank you! 

Sabrina Jiameng Zhou 2018.12.6.

Key Account Manager – SHA GG

Lufthansa Group

Austrian Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS | Brussels Airlines, Eurowings

Shanghai TV Channel Young

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Yue Mayr is our tour guide in Austria. She helped us a lot in shooting programs. She is not only familiar with the history of local attractions and she has her own unique views.

She has rich experience in guiding and adapts to actual needs. With her help, we filmed the program smoothly and quickly integrated into our diet and local customs.

Finally, I want to express my heartfelt thanks to her. If I have the chance to go again, Surely will ask her to be our guide.


Chen Yang, Wang

Shanghai TV Young 



English-speaking Clients


from Belgium at Plague Monument


from USA at St. Stephan's Cathedral

2018-7-10 from Dubai at Josef Square.jpg

from Dubai at Hofburg

2018-7-10 from Austria at Hofburg.jpg

from Australia at Heros' Square

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from India at Belvedere Palace


from Myannmar at St. Gilgen

What a beautiful trip

This is my second visit to Vienna. The first time I just rushed by. This time I really want to taste the city. It’s luck - we met an experienced guide Yue! From history to architecture to art work, through Yue’s explanation, we have learned more about this beautiful city and deeply fell in love with this ancient city. Yue does not only knows the history and culture of this ancient city, but more importantly, she uses her knowledge of the city. The deep understanding of history, culture, and art is portrayed in plain language. Let us feel as if we came to that era - in the majestic and luxurious Schönbrunn Palace. We are impressed by Habsburg dynasty's Maria Theresia. Especially when Yue explained the works of art, we were able to capture the ideas and inspirations of the masters at that time. After a hearty dinner, I would listen to a concert, and I become more and more obsessed with this historical and cultural capital, the capital of music!

Bin Zhou

Directing Manager

Nangjing CTS, China  Dec. 21st, 2018

Below is the chat history bet. Zhang Xiaoling & Yue


Zhang Xiaoling - Finance Reporter 13:26

The first stop of the crystal Mozart Danube is the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna. When I first saw Yue, she left a very deep impression on me. She is humorous, hearty, bright, proficient in Chinese, English and German. She also has a deep understanding of the history, culture, religion and art of Austria and Vienna, and can express her own unique insights. She is a very rare professional tourist guide. In the next few days, Yue took us to visit Duernstein, Salzburg and other places. Every time she was very careful, cheerful and arranged the trip well. Also brought us some small gifts. Our group's Xia Nai wants to eat Xin Ramen, she brought a few packs. Later, I learned from the conversation that due to the unique experiences of living in China, the United States and Europe, Yue’s language and professional skills came from the accumulation of life. She obtained the tour guide certificates of Shanghai, the New York and Vienna which was very a great success. In her instance, one can see the great potential and positive energy of a person. I agree with some of her perspectives about life. For example, looking for the power of self inward, fully tapping into the whole self. What makes me feel better and moved is that in the strange city of Vienna, I have got a friend! After the end of our group's trip, I started my own trip. Yue invited me to her beautiful home, and also helped me find a very good hotel. If it is not for work, she must accompany me to Pandorf to go shopping, haha! In short, this is an unforgettable, wonderful journey, and I have met many special friends, especially my Yue, which makes me feel very warm in the cold European winter! I believe we will see each other again.

Below is the chat history bet. Xia Nai & Yue

——————— 2018-11-22

Xia Nai - Travel Writer 14:24

Admiring the life experiences and language level of the the guide Yue, I feel that she lives in a great state of being. Of course, her guiding skills are impeccable, always very patient and very cute, with a good sense of humor. Thank you very much for the delicious food in the end of the trip, probably she is the best guide in my experience!

​Wechat: Xia Nai Hao Hao Wan

Below is the chat history bet. Han Jie & Yue

—————— 2018-11-22 


Yue, I have already returned to China with the super warm socks you gave me! Thank you very much for your care in the past few days. In particular, the explanations during the trip were very in-depth and detailed. Whether it is local culture or history or different aspects of life, I have forcibly grown my knowledge (although I have not remembered much hahaha...it is my problem), and the advice given for the restaurants was also very good! ! I hope that next time I go to Europe, you will have time to be our tour guide (I worry that your schedule might be too full, but I don't care, I want the priority)! Btw, I commented you being kindly is not to say that you are old, but super super affinity & super nice!

Crystal Cruises Hong Kong Headquarters PR

Han Jie and I in Imperial Cafe

Below is the chat history bet. Fenfen & Yue

——————————— 2018-11-11


Fenfen - Shenzhen Radio 97.1 Moderator 07:43

Dear Yue, we returned to Shenzhen at 3 o'clock in the domestic time last night. I slept a lot and now it is more than 2 o'clock afternoon. When I wake up, I was talking to my husband while we were eating, I told her about your enthusiasm, kindness, cheerfulness and innocence! Love you very much! Always keep in touch please! Let me know wherever and whenever you need help! I look forward to your visit to Shenzhen or Hong Kong!


<--- Fenfen, her colleage and I in Naschmarkt 

8 Continental Travel 

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