Vienna is like an elgant, trendy and well-educated lady in her middle age, wearing art deco jewelries and cloths, sitting in Cafe Central, drinking Melange, listening to Blue Danube, cutting a piece of Apple Strudel for her visiting friend, who giggles at her friends "Wiener Schmäh"(Vienese humor), she also can't help peeping at the itinerary on the table: seeing Lipizzaner Horses together with Vienna Boys Choir show in Spanish Riding School; visiting Belvedere Palace for paintings like "the Kiss" from Gustav Klimt, the Marble Hall where the National Treaty was signed in 1955 and the "Canaletto-Blick" city view; touring in Schoenbrunn Palace (the imperial summer palace) and Sisi Museum in Hofburg (the imperial winter palace); going to Kahlenberg in Vienna Woods for the beautiful overview of the city and then eating in a former Beethoven Residence, Heuriger (Wine Tavern) while appreciating the live local music (Wiener Dudler)...


Vienna Sites
  • Inner City sites in Yay Walk

  • Ringroad sites 

  • ​Hundertwasser Haus

  • Vienna Forest - Kahlenberg

  • ​Museums & Palaces 

Vienna Experiences

  • Traditional Viennese Coffee House

  • ​Viennese Kitchen

  • Mozart & Strauß Concert

  • Opera 

  • Golden Hall Concert

  • Spanish Riding School Horse Show

  • Vienna Boys Chior 

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  • Vienna Pass

  • Double deck tour bus

  • Taxi

  • Car service mit driver

  • self driving car

Johann Strauss Monument



Waste Incineration Plant


European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) As you may have heard in the news, beginning Jan. 1, 2021, American travelers visiting European countries in the Schengen Area will have to register through a system called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS). We wanted to clear up what may be some confusion on the issue by stating what we know about the program. This electronic traveler registration is not a visa as has erroneously been reported. Instead, it has chosen to implement this traveler pre-screening program, similar to the ESTA Program currently in place for inbound travel to the United States. The Commission states that the main goal of ETIAS visa waivers for Europe is to "identify possible threats or risks associated with visitors traveling to any of the Schengen Area countries".