From little me to great I 

I have experienced a lot unwanted. This led me to a search of the meaning of life. Having lived and worked in Shanghai, New York and now in Vienna gave me the broader view of everything. After years of learning from varies masters I got the clarity about life and myself. I transformed to a version that I am very satisfied with: happy, easy & free. I have got an ideal husband, a perfect home, a successful career, a proud daughter and a cat. Whatever I do, things go smooth; whoever I am talking to, people laugh. I was told I am like a happy bird and I shine everywhere. I am not convincing anybody, but show you me as an example of how to live life to its fullest, effortlessly and joyfully. 

What is happiness?

Happiness is a glass of water when you are thursty; Happiness is the railing when you come down staris. Happiness is the right time at the right place with the right person. 

How to be happy? 

By having a good relationship with yourself - in harmony with who-you-are. 

Session 1: Who are you? 


You are source energy in human body. Source is pure positive energy that creats worlds; the body is an extension of that energy. Non-physical and physical are never seperated.  


Session 2: What's the purpose of life?


We come to planet earth to experience contrasts in order to expand conciousness. Fun is the itinerary of this journey. The purpose of life is joy.

Session 3: How does the universe work?


Law of attraction is the principle of the universe: Likes attract likes. Energy flows where the attention goes. You get what you think about.


Session 4: How to have success, love, health & wealth?

Live like a tree: Let the sunlight shine, let the rain shower, let the soil nourish, let the wind touch. Mood is the root, health, wealth, beauty, love, abundance, success...are all the branches of a tree, good mood makes all flourishing. 

Session 5: How to live happily ever after?


Ever after means now, now, now... From asking to receiving, from lack to abundance and from powerless to joy is a journey that as easy as you allow it to be. Use 5 steps to live as you want it to be. 

Special Session: How to stay young?

Age is a number. Your perspective about yourself determines how you look. The body is a mirror of your thoughts. Deterioration is an illusion. 

€60/h per session|online or in person|private or group

*Easy and fun process. Each session comes with practical tips and Q&A.


Feel free

Know your value

Become powerful

Get the clarity about yourself and life

Can't help being happy as you realize:

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