Happiness Workshop

Based on teachings of Abraham Hicks, I teach by example of living happily ever after. Nobody needs my teaching as everyone has inner guidance & outer internet. The workshop is the path of least resistance for those who are ready to receive the message. It is a shortcut to the clarity of life and self, therefore an easy route to well-being. Life is a play, you are the director & actor. You sign everyone around you up for different roles in your show. You decide to make it a comedy or a tragedy.

One session/1.5h per week. No more than 3 sessions please...in 21 days you can foster a new habit of thinking therefore a new way of living!

The secret to happiness is relax, that requires trust, and that requires knowing who-you-are & understanding how life works. Then in harmony with yourself you allow what you want flow to your experience. I have allowed a beautiful family, a perfect home, a successful career and a cute cat!

Session 1: Who-you-are【Know】


You are non-physical energy in a physical body, to expand consciousness through experiencing contrasts on earth. Death is leaving the body & stay pure source.

Topic: *Self *Life *Death

Session 2: How Life Works【Understand】


Likes attract likes. Thoughts become things. The universe matches all vibrations up based on Law of Attraction.

Topic: *Law of attraction *Creation Process *Emotional GPS

Session 3: Well-being【Allow】

Alignment trumps everything. Live like a tree - Let the sunlight shine, let the rain shower, let the soil nourish, let the wind touch. Mood is the root, everything you desire is a branch of the tree, good mood makes all flourishing. That's Wu Wei by Lao Zi.

Topic: *Health *Wealth *Relationships   


【Results】Happy Free Worthy

Each session comes with practical tips. 

Public speaking: €1000/3 sessions

Private session:  €100/session/1.5h

Group Session:   €66/p/session, max 6pp

From Little me to great I

Thanks to unwanted experiences, I evolved to current me; Thanks to the 3-continent-living, I have broader perspective; Thanks to years of learning from Abraham Hicks, Bashar, Allan Watts & the Yale University course "Science of Well-being", I become a happy, free and powerful being, which is who-I-am and who-you-are. With full of appreciation & satisfaction to to life & Self, I like to show as vast people & as fast as I can, how to live life to its fullest!