Happiness Workshop

What is happiness?

Happiness is a glass of water when thursty; it is the railing when come down the steep stairs... Happiness is a series of satisfaction. Happiness is the right time with the right person at the right place. Happiness is the magnet to abundance: health, wealth & success. Happiness is the only price you have to pay to receive whatever you want. 

How to be happy?

By having a good relationship with yourself - in harmony with who-you-are. 


Knowing who-you-are + Having a good relationship with yourself  = Happiness 


Session 1: Who are you? 【Know】


You are non-physical energy in a physical body, to expand conciousness through experiencing contrasts on earth. Death is leaving the body & back to source.

Topic: *Self *Life *Death

Session 2: How does the universe work? 【Understand】


Likes attract likes. The universe matches all vibrations up based on Law of Attraction. You create your reality with your feelings.

Topic: *Law of attraction *Yin&Yang *Belief&desire *Built-in-GPS

Session 3: How to find inner harmony? 【Allow】

Live like a tree - Let the sunlight shine, let the rain shower, let the soil nourish, let the wind touch. Mood is the root, everything you desire is a branch of the tree, good mood makes all flourishing. 

Topic: *Relationships *Health *Wealth *Success   


【Results】Happy Free Powerful

This workshop is a fast route to clarity about life & self. It is a simple & fun process. Each session comes with tipps. 

From Little me to great I

I have experienced a lot unwanted. That led me to search the meaning of life. Living in Shanghai, New York City and now Vienna gave me the broader perspective on culture and humanity. After thousands of hours learning from Law of Attraction by Abraham Teachings, Allan Watts & Lao Tzi, I transformed to a happy, free and powerful being, which is who I am and who you are. I have got ideal husband, perfect home, successful career, proud daughter and a cat! Whatever I do goes smooth; whoever I talk to laughes. With full of appreciation to life, I like to show people as vast and fast as I can, the quick way to joy!