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Joy Workshop

Guide you to joy through gazing, channeling & speaking. Based on teachings of Law of Attraction by Abraham Hicks, I teach the example of clarity about life and Self. My purpose is to make the spiritual theory easy to understand, simple to apply for vast people in fast way. Life is a play, you are the director & actor. You sign everyone around you up for different roles in your show. You decide to make it a comedy or a tragedy. Emotion is energy in motion. Managing emotion is managing life. Joy is the natural state of being that attracts what brings you joy. The secret to joy is ease, which requires trust, which requires knowing:

Session 1: Who-you-are【Know】


You are non-physical energy in a physical body, to expand consciousness through experiencing contrasts on earth. Death is leaving the body & stay pure source.

Topic: *Self *Life *Death

Session 2: How Life Works【Understand】


Likes attract likes. Thoughts become things. The universe matches all vibrations up based on Law of Attraction.

Topic: *Law of attraction *Creation Process *Emotional GPS

Session 3: Well-being【Allow】

Alignment trumps everything. Live like a tree - Let the sunlight shine, let the rain shower, let the soil nourish, let the wind touch. Mood is the root, everything you desire is a branch of the tree, good mood makes all flourishing. That's Wu Wei by Lao Zi, means not forcing.

Topic: *Health *Wealth *Relationships   

Group Session in person:   €88/2h/p for (max. 6)

When: Mon & Fri at 2-4pm

*channeling, gazing or reiki might happen spontaneously, depends on the receiving mode of the mix.

Online sessions are coming. 

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