Happiness Workshop

From little me to great I 

I have experienced a lot unwanted. That led me to search the meaning of life. Living in Shanghai, New York City and now Vienna as a guide prepared me for the broader perspective on culture and humanity.After years of learning I transformaed to a satisfying version: happy and free. I have got ideal husband, perfect home, successful career, proud daughter and a cat! Whatever I do goes smooth; whoever I talk to laughes. With full of appreciation to myself & life, I like to share with you the way to live happily ever after. 
Session 1: who-you-are; Session 2: How the universe works; Session 3: How to live happily ever after. 
€60/h for private coaching; €15/1.5h/P for public session. 

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Modality: Simplicity & Clearity. No mistery. I teach as a walkinng talking example, show you how to live life to its fullest.

Happiness Formula: Happiness = Knowing who-you-are + Having a good relationship with yourself.

Session 1: Who are you? 【Know】


You are non-physical energy in a physical body, to expand conciousness through experiencing contrasts on earth. Death is going back to source.

Topic: self, life & death

Session 2: How to have a good relationship with yourself? 【Be】


Accept - respect - expect your own existence & excellence. 

*After these two sessions, you will likely abandon human's tradition of self-sabotage and reset your happy life.

Session 3: How does the universe work? 【Understand】


Likes attract likes. The universe matches all vibrations up based on Law of Attraction. You create your reality with your feelings.


Session 4: How to have success, love, health & wealth? 【Allow】

Live like a tree - Let the sunlight shine, let the rain shower, let the soil nourish, let the wind touch. Mood is the root, everything you desire is a branch of the tree, good mood makes all flourishing. 

Session 5: How to live happily ever after? 【Mastering】


Ever after means now. Live in the present as a child. Practice a wanted thought into a belief and practice the belief into a knowing.

Special Session: How to stay young?

Age is a number. Your perspective about yourself determines how you look. The body is a mirror of your thoughts. Deterioration is an illusion. 

€15/1.5h/p  public session

€ 60/h      private coaching

*Easy and fun process. Each session comes with practical tips and Q&A.


Feel so free

Know your value

Become empowered

Get the clarity about life

Can not help being happy