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I wanted to post about an experience I had with Yue on the Abraham Caribbean cruise this year.

I randomly ran into Yue (of course we know it wasn’t random. It was law of attraction/divine intervention) But during that encounter, she placed her fingers on my forehead, and I did not know what she was doing, I only know that I felt inspired to lean in to what she was doing.

I don’t know how long it lasted because between the icon contact and the fingers on my forehead, it felt like a timeless, eternal experience.

Afterward, my ability to meditate was so much more advanced than it had ever been. In fact the next day, in the noisy hallway, waiting for the Abraham seminar to open, I was able to meditate deeply despite multiple conversations and noise all around me. I was completely unaware of what was around me as I commune with my higher self.

During that meditation, I knew I would get in the hot seat that day. This was my 11th Abraham Cruise and although I had been in the hot seat in Atlanta, I had never been on a cruise before. But I absolutely knew I felt not only my higher self, but Abraham and the energy was palpable.

I did get in the hot seat and it was wonderful

Yue has a gift and talent. She has blessed me.

- Jeanine Joy 30.5.2024


Meine Frau und ich haben Yue vor 8 Jahren kennen gelernt während einen workshop in Amsterdam.

Dies wahr der erste mal das wir einander wieder getroffen haben.

So bald Wie das Foto des Kundalini Ankh gesehen hat erhöhte Sie die frequenz und die Energie zu steuern und harmonieren.

Das war sehr kräftig und gut spürbar!

Nachdem ich Lichtsprache gesprochen habe erhöhte sie sich die Energie frequenz noch mehr. Dann beginne ich zu channeln wobei Yue immer noch die Energie frequenz hoch gehalten hat (Energie Symphony) und meine Frau als Spaceholder tätig war.

Und während wir über meine Dragon Tattoo Geschichte erzählt haben, beginnte Yue als "Dragon Spirit" zu channeln...super interessant! 

Das war sehr kräftig und wir brachten ein bisschen Zeit um wieder auf der Erde zu 'Landen'.

- Wim und Anja 24.5.2024

Yue’s Soul Gazing sessions were amazing & deeply impacted me. Her energy blended with mine and made me feel really seen.   I felt contentment, that all is well, and that I am worthy.   I felt so much love surrounding our group at an elevated level.  It was further amplified by incredible energy healers in each of us.   I also highly recommend 1:1 Energy Alignment sessions with Yue.  She opened my Third Eye and cleared the chronic pain in my heel and knee.   I highly recommend Yue in a group session and 1:1.  So amazing!  Thank you, Yue!”

- Cynthia Viernes Morgen (healer & coach)


I don’t know if you remember me, but this is Magda Dia and we met on the last day of the Abraham cruise and afterwards we connected and I told you about all the success coming your way with your new book and or podcast and or something big. Maybe retreats I don’t remember the reading, but I do remember that it was a beautiful exchange and I want to tell you about something really cool that happened on Wednesday night.

Every month I host a Psychic night and have 10 to 12 readers doing sessions for the public and I got a session from three of the readers. They said that I had received something on the Abraham cruise that was settling into my DNA. Well, I’ve been studying Abraham for 25 years and I’ve been on numerous cruises and sessions and even have been to Jerry and Esther‘s house in San Antonio for a two day session. And the only thing that changed was that I had an interaction with you which was beautiful and mindful and special and every adjective I can think of. But it was also delicate and subtle and non-physical. So I just wanted to tell you the effect that you have on or maybe it’s affect… Sending you love and light and all good things 

- Magda Dia 29.3.2024

My experience was amazing! I actually felt my late husband through Yue! It was very powerful and loving! I am so grateful.

- Susan Thompson 


Thank you very much again for the session on the ship. It felt like I was floating in the energy - such a unique experience. 

- Yayou Kikuchi 


The PURE Love that Comes through when I gaze  in to Yue’s eyes is unexplainable. It’s like a Familiar feeling yet something I have never experienced before

Thank you Yue Mayr for sharing your gift 

- Denise Tessier- Moser




I must say when i was told about Yue and what she was doing in the ship. I was very skeptical it sounded to weird to me. I met Amy i told her about it she told me i should go  I gave her a look and she told me go Patrick it will be good for you. The next morning i was having coffee with 2 new friend. I told them do you want to do something a little different they said yes. I said to my self let’s see what this is all about. I did not know i was about to have one my BEST life experience i ever had. Once Yue Mayr started talking i felt her energy all over me. I did noticed i was smiling alot it it felt so good no it felt great! I did notice i started hugging my self, i never seen pink hearts until this morning...seen them coming out of me it was a very and i mean awsome feeling. I felt lighter than ever all day long. The next morning I could not wait to go another sección, in this seccion with Yue . That morning i felt a little different. OMG once the music started. I did noticed my legs started to move. Then they stopped then my left arm and shoulder started to move . I felt energy like no other. I told myself i cant wait till the next morning early morning i ran into Kim she wanted to feel my energy i told her just put you hand down. And i will do the rest. I told her let it flow. When Yue turned in the music. I noticed she put her hands down. The exchange of energy was SO different. I wish i could have done this with other people. This was such a great experience. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience it! 


- PATRICK ROMERO 21.3.2024


Yue responded my "call". She showed up and addressed my fear for my gift. Then she helped me get to the bottom of it through energy work with hardly any words. It was remarkable and left no one untouched. My friend included who was present. 

She also gave me the gift of trust. She trusted my gift and listened to me as a counselor.

- Cheryl Asruf 5.4.2024


Ah...i got really relaxed and a little sleepy so i closed my eyes.  The tv screen that is my third eye started showing me your face...and it kept getting closer.  Your eyes shot out emerald green light and you turned into a dragon's face.  I opened my eyes and was surprised to find you were right in front of me.  It was cool.

- Ann Christensen 23.3.2024


I felt like I was with a higher being that I have known for a long time when I was had a personal session with Yue. She was able to impart some particular knowledge with me that I needed to know. I felt the reassurance of my inner being’s love and the love that source energy has for me. I felt a sense of calm and relaxation, and listened as I understood that I needed to not try so hard, not be so nice, but rather just be…because being me is perfect. 

Yue strikes me as a timeless, androgynous soul that connects to so easily because she is many beings at once. It is difficult for me to communicate the whole power of her personal session with me, but it was VERY powerful. I predict that Yue will evolve quickly into one of the most sought after “channelers” of this time ( I don’t know what else to call it!) I loved my session with her, and consider it one of the greatest gifts I have received. I try to remind myself of all that I learned and felt daily and I listen to the recording of our session to recalibrate myself. 

She is quite amazing and I highly recommend her. 

- Kim Staples 10.4.2024


I can’t express how amazing this Gazing session was! I fill totally filled up with love. I highly recommend it! Thankfully Yue loves doing this and the more who come the stronger the energy is.

- Marian Meade


My second "Channeling Activation" session with Yue was so UNEXPECTEDLY healing. I had no expectations coming in, thinking I was going to have the same experience the first time. The first time the energy that came through me was so soothing, loving, tranquil and compassionate. The second time it felt very intergalactic. When she asked me who I would be interested in channeling, I said the star system Pleiades because I know we are their descendants. My whole body felt intense with goosebumps. It was a very powerful, motherly energy with a blue-ish hue. I don’t remember everything I said but I remember it was so easy for me to focus into alignment. After saying goodbye, I also felt them leaving my whole body and exiting the room. It was probably my own interpretation of their “arrival” and their “departure.”

- Maryam Miyakoda 31.7.2023

I felt so loved and cared for. And, was reminded how I work way too hard in live even though I do live a very pampered and privelidged life. I have taken my life to an easier level since that session, and the great movement I got on that cruise. Making so many of my travel decisions with ease. I will try to make some of your group sessions online. I did feel much relief when re-watching this recording. I do understand the concept of "dis" ease. Watching the video when I remember having a very tight pain in my side for two days before our session. And remembering how that was totally gone after my visit with you. That is so powerful and to watch that again with that knowing that this will pass and all is well. - Deb Post Hamlin 17.4.2023

Hello lovely friend,
I enjoyed the experience of your channeling. I remember it just making sense to me as you spoke and feeling a peaceful and fun energy. I have to say one of my favourite things was seeing James open up and want to ask so many questions when he hadn’t wanted to ask Abraham questions. It was touching that he found your channeling more approachable than Abraham.

Miss you! xoxo Jennifer Mason 1.4.2023

Awww I loved it so much! Thank you for sharing with us. The first time I remember feeling a bit blocked, but appreciating the good feelings of the energy (I felt pure love) and definitely wanted to come back. The next day, I felt things moving inside and even felt taller by the end. It was completely glorious. Whatever funk I was in had lifted, and that day I was chosen by Abraham for the hot seat! I believe the impact of your love gazing allowed me to feel into my own energy in a bigger way and I hope I get to join a virtual session one day <3
- Kara Nicole 31.3.2023

“People seem to get exactly what they are wanting (or needing) from Yue’s gazing sessions.  For me personally, I felt more joy and flow.  I also heard sighs of relief and long releasing exhales from people around me.  Others mentioned they had tears flowing.  I know of four people who were in a session with Yue and then were selected to be in the hot seat.  One of them specifically said she thought something just released from her in Yue’s session and she felt that enabled her to get into the hot seat.”
- Kaye 25.3.2023


“Yue’s channeled messages are a beautiful gift for the soul. Spoken in a uniquely clear and concise manner, the messages immediately offer feelings of love and self-empowerment at the deepest levels in addition to revealing simple truths for future personal growth and expansion.”
-- John Pepper 24.3.2023

I'm still smiling when I reflect on our time together. To be seen and I mean truly seen by a person is such a gift/present! During Gazing sessions Yue's focus and intuition are unmatched. I have had the pleasure working with her multiple times in person and look forward to future chances to "meet" her again in a digital format! You will be hooked from the very first session!  Her joy, enthusiasm, and spark are a marvel to watch! 24.3.3023
-- Dr. T. Johnson, South Carolina, USA

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for offering channelling and eye gazing sessions on our recent cruise.
The channelling was quite insightful, as it gave me an opportunity to ask deep questions that I have been seeking. The answers you channelled provided me with more clarity and understanding on each topic I asked about.
I also enjoyed your eye gazing, which I felt was similar in its effect to acupuncture. After the session I felt relaxed, refreshed, and energized.
I look forward to the next opportunity when I can join your sessions.

All the best,
-James 23.3.2023

Yue’s eye gazing session was amazing. I felt connected and seen and was just what i needed in that moment.  Brad 21.3.2023

I personally did a channeling session with Yue and it was an incredible experience.
I received all of the answers I was looking for and didn’t doubt anything she said. It’s a journey I would recommend to anyone!
- Jim Mulholland 20.3.2023

Yue channelled clear, solid, beautiful material from the higher realms several times for my partner and me, and once for me individually, and another time with a larger book group for channeled material that my partner and I regularly attend. All of the experiences were very deep and moving, and they felt great. We were fortunate enough to be one of the first witnesses to experience her channeling, specifically for us. The material  she channeled for me individually was clearly in response to her direct connection with me, and to help me specifically.  I felt that she was speaking to my soul, in a deep and very personal way. It was some of the best help I could have asked for.
Having the opportunity to see her get a foothold on the new skill and come into her own flow and awareness of the channeling as it was happening was beautiful to see, also. This added an extra human component that was personally very grounding, and I am especially appreciative for her openness in this way. I have no doubt that Yue will be able to uplift many people through her channel, as she has uplifted us so much! 
- Kimberly Hedegaard  21.2.2023

Amazing experience today! I felt a surge of energy welling up inside of me, enough to manifest sweat on my back.

I had a sweet brief out of body experience and an energetic journey moving inside. Intense moments of clarity.

The simple lesson of the day, relax and lean into the feel good feelings and all will reveal itself! Thank you Yue!!! 

- Steven Bounthavong for group gazing 16.3.2023

The group channeling session was absolutely amazing . I am grateful for the collective energies that were in the room. Yue Mayr i didn’t know what to expect when I arrived. But I’m glad I followed my spirit….I don’t drink yet I felt spiritually drunk in a way that’s unexplainable. With words I can say there was a blissful feeling of freedom and peace that came upon me. And I thank you for that. - Angelica Bright 15.3.2023 Messenger

Yue’s energy is DELICIOUS. Even just watched her move allowed me to float into a feeling of freedom and movement. Her guidance to allow my excitement (about an upcoming project launch) to settle into the feeling of knowing was significant - I’ve been tuning into that multiple times since our session and already any “nerves” I had have already subsided. Love it! Highly recommend a session with Yue!!!

- Gina Mallison via Messenger 15.3.2023

Yue’s gazing ability produces a deep sense of inner connection and a sense of relaxation, like a meditation. It allowed me to have access to information and a bridge to reflection that help me to continie to move forward.
- Maritza Aupestia Texas 7.2.2023

I met Yue on an Abraham Hicks cruise around New Zealand recently. What a beautiful, happy, kind & caring soul she is with an amazing energy around her. After spending some time with her she offered a channeling session which was an absolutely amazing experience. Yue completely immerses herself in the moment and has an amazing gift. Yue was able to channel my late father and was able to give me some comfort  and answers that he is in a beautiful place now & that he is happy and not in any pain or discomfort. I really appreciated this beautiful session & the messages I received from my Dad with Yue and I can highly recommend the authenticity of her channeling gift.
- Angela Mason  2.2.2023 Australia

Yue is a powerful presence to be with. She is loving and kind, with a beautiful sense of humour. She has razor sharp intuitive skills and can pinpoint exactly what is needed to move someone to the next level. When she sees that someone is ready, she is quietly devoted to facilitating their shifts to higher levels of being. Yue has a gentle and light manner about her with also an unwavering stability and allegiance to her truth. Watching Yue in her channelling mode is a pleasure and brings joy and awe. I feel great love and respect for Yue and her spiritual gifts, and have benefitted profoundly from our interactions. I feel light, free and clear after engaging with her. Thank you Yue.
-Dr Laura Nelson, 23.1.2023 London



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