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How to live a happy life?

~First: simple 3 steps to happiness:

  • Know who-you-are

  • Understand how life works

  • Align with yourself


~Second: choose to be happy as often as you can. That builds up positive momentum. Make that dominant.

~Third: when confusion is dominant, find some guidance to realign. 

Where is your power ?


15.03.2020 by Yue Mayr

Do you really feel that you are powerless? Do you really feel that your fate is out of control? You really can only ask God, the government, neighbors, partners ... to make a difference, so you can feel better and safer? Don't you think that expecting the outside or outsiders often makes you angry or disappointed? ! So have you thought about where your power is? Have you thought about who you are? where you are from? and where you are going?


First of all, I thank for the free time during shut-down due to Corona Virus; secondly, I know that I won't not be infected, because I am not afraid or pushing against it; furthermore, even if I was infected, I do not worry, because the worst outcome is death, yet death is the beginning of another new life. Crazy? Yes, but if "crazy" makes you calm in chaos would you like to be? Or would you rather be panic, fearful like the most?


My crazy comes from the following perceptions:

1. Life is eternal. You are pure positive energy/source energy/soul/God in physical body. You are here to joyfully expand the conciousness through experiencing contrasts on planet earth. Death is to leave the physical body and back to source energy, which creats new physical bodies. The larger part of you is non-physical called Inner Being or soul, loving you and guiding you all the time. 

2. Law of attraction. It is the universal law. It is the directing manager matching up all vibrationn to things. All is energy which has a vibration. To human, it is emotion, which is an indicator of your thought. So you get what you tink about. Thoughts become things. There is no good or bad, right or wrong. Big and small. Only wanted and unwanted, which are two ends of a stick...Yin and Yang. You decide which end you lean to by thinking positively or negatiovely.


3. Inner harmony leads to wellness. When you think what your IB thinks, you are in harmony with yourself, this inner harmony is the basis of all wellness. At this moment, you are extremely powerful and unlimited because you are vibrating the same frequency as the source energy. Emotion is your GPS. 


Any disaster or war gets bigger by fear and pushing against it, so is Corona Virus; and it gets smaller when we make peace with it and paying less attention to it. You get to choose.

We can always choose. So we are free. So we are powerful. 


Your power is in your own mind.

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