Happy Tours in Vienna 

Yay Walk - 2 hr imperial walk

Zig-zaging through the UNESCO world heritage - Vienna city center, feast your eyes and ears with the most popular sites and stories of Prince Eugen, Maria Theresia & Sisi; Mozart, Beethoven & Johann Strauss; Napolean & Hitler; Gothic, Renessance, Baroque & Art Deco; Jewish experiences; Coffee Culture & Lipizzaner Horses... I cook a soup of history, architecture and culture etc. in interactive way that you will pat your stomach in the end: delicious!



Opera House, Sacher Hotel, Albertina Museum, Memorial against War and Fascism, Hofburg (Josef Square, Augustiner Church, Lipizzaner Horses, Swiss Court, Inner Court), Minoriten Church Federal Chanceller Building, Volksgarten, Sisi Statue, Burgtheater, City Hall, Paliament, Maria Theresia Square, Heros' Square, Michaeler Square, Kohlmarkt, Graben, Plague-Monument, St. Stephan's Cathedral  

Price: 2 hrs long at € 20/person with small group of 3 - 10 guests.


When:    10:00

Sign:      Yay Walk flag

Where:   Herbert-von-Karajan-Platz 1, 1010 Wien (Karajan Square at Opera House) 

City Tour - customized itinerary

Customize the itinerary according to your time, place and interests, to maximize the enrichment of your Vienna experience.

€60/h, 2 hrs per day minimum.



Museum Tour 

  • Schoenbrunn Palace

  • Belvedere Palace

  • Sisi Museum

  • Imperial Treasury

  • Museum of Fine Arts

  • State Opera

  • ​Golden Hall

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€100 for the first hour

€50/h afterwards.

(€60/h when combine with city tours)

Vienna Sites
  • Inner City sites in Yay Walk

  • Ringroad sites 

  • ​Hundertwasser Haus

  • Vienna Forest - Kahlenberg

  • ​Museums & Palaces 

Vienna Experiences

  • Traditional Viennese Coffee House

  • ​Viennese Kitchen

  • Mozart & Strauß Concert

  • Opera 

  • Golden Hall Concert

  • Spanish Riding School Horse Show

  • Vienna Boys Chior 

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  • Public transportation

  • Vienna Pass

  • Double deck tour bus

  • Taxi

  • Car service mit driver

  • self driving car

Yay Itinerary (recommendation)

D1:  Yay Walk + Schönbrunn Palace + Park


D2:  Secession, Naschmarkt, Golden Hall Building, Karlskirche, Belvedere Palace      Johann Strauß golden Statue

D3:  Sisi Museum/KHM/Imperial Treasure/Hundertwasser Haus, Kahlenberg Heuriger

D4:  Excursion: Wachau cruise + Melk Abbey 

Life is a journey




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