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Happy Clients

Vienna Convention Bureau

“I had the pleasure to work with Yue Mayr for Chinese clients who were visiting Vienna for business purposes. After a short briefing, Yue was completely aware of what the clients need and are looking for and she immediately adapted to the situation. She knows perfectly how to articulate herself accordingly and was always respectful, understanding and supportive. As a non-Chinese speaker, I could rely on her 1000% in a way that I did not need to worry about getting the wrong messages across.

Not only she is a mastermind, but her passion and energy for what she is doing is contagious. The motivation she is constantly bringing is a rare skill she possesses. One can immediately feel how much she loves her job and is passionate about the Vienna.

The feedback of my clients confirmed all my views and they were amazed and more than satisfied with Yue, not only as a tour guide but as their Vienna confident.

Yue Mayr is an absolute professional with incredible knowledge and - even more important - the rare ability to connect with people in a way that they feel comfortable immediately. She is not only an amazing tour guide but a great person one can just enjoy working with.”

Sharon Dana, Vienna Convention Bureau 2019-06-04

Vienna Tourist Board


I have worked with Ms. Mayr on two occasions so far and could not be happier with her services. She has taken great care of our Chinese guests in Vienna and has gone above and beyond to support the group when they had question or needed help and in general make them feel welcome in Vienna.
The whole process of working together has been extremely easy and communication was quick and efficient. The guests were very happy with her services as well and the feedback we received was great. Our Chinese groups enjoyed her fun and energetic way and really understood and retained the information she passed on to them.
I enjoyed working with Yue Mayr and would recommend her services to anyone looking for a great tour guide in Vienna.

Christina Freisleben   

Vienna Tourist Board  2018-12-10

Tour with Sherry.jpg

Yue was honestly the most insightful, experienced, genuine, and knowledgeable tour guide I have ever met. She’s different than most of the tour guides because she carries her profession and love for Vienna with so much passion and pride. She has a wealth of knowledge about every landmark in Vienna, and she always tells the history in a such interesting and compelling way. She’s HILARIOUS and such a genuine soul. 2 hrs with her felt way too short and she shared so many interesting facts about the architecture, life style, and history of Vienna that I can’t help but listen for hours! Her funny and positive energy lifted everyone’s mood in the gloomy and rainy weather, and people didn’t want to leave despite the pouring rain. After the tour, she invited me for lunch and shared her experience and aspirations like a friend. She also took me around the city and showed me her favourite landmarks. Her warmth makes me feel like I met my family in Austria. If you are looking for a wonderful tour guide in Austria, please contact Yue. She provided tours in fluent English (with a New York accent!) and Chinese. 




Founder of 8 Continents Travel

Thank you Crystal River Cruise for arranging such a professional, enthusiastic, talkative, confident guide Yue for us.

I have been to Europe many times and met many tour guides, but Yue is really an industry leader. Her love for her job, professional knowleadge, especially the explanation of European history are all vivid.

We can't figure out the status of Emperoress Maria Theressia andPrincess Sisi. She let us play rolls to explain the story in an interactive way, so we got it with a lot of fun!

Every time when we visited a small town, she can always find out the unremarkable yet historically significant points. In the Schoenbrunn Palace, she combinned history, politics, characters and psychology perfectly.

Obviously you only use top guides as the top cruise, please make sure to arrange her as our guide next times! 


Founder of 8 continent travel  2019-8-18


General Manager of Tianping International Travel 


Little Yueyue:

Please allow me to call you kindly so. Although you are older than me, but you live younger than me.

During a few days of visit in Vienna, the acquaintance with Yueyue has been a great benefit of my trip.

Cheerful personality, good at expressing words, rich in knowledge, mastering the atmosphere, and overall emotional intelligence is very high.

I have also worked as tour leaders, and it might be for this reason that we quickly became friends with each other.

The sincere smile always stays on her face, you can tell her passion for the job, a gold medal tour guide!

The presence of Yueyue has added a sense of intimacy to this city that I have been to, and I will also

Introduce more guests to the city, and let little Yueyue's enthusiasm infect others.

An unforgettable trip to Vienna, I will come again, little Yueyue, looking forward to seeing you again!

Li Bin


General Manager 2019-05-29

Tianping International Travel Service, Beijing 

Executive Editor in Chief of Absolute Media

Dear Yue,


This trip to Vienna was perfect and left me a deep memory.


Your guide made me feel so joyful, I am very happy to meet you, and thank you for giving me a professional and detailed explanation in the architecture, art, historical evolution and other aspects of Vienna.


Hope to have the opportunity to meet you again in Vienna!

聂晶 Anly Nie

主编 Editor-in-Chief

Crystal River Cruises HQ


Hi Yue,

I'd like to thank you sincerely for the arrangement on the Shore Excursion during my recent trip with Crystal River Cruise, particularly the round trip sailing to and from Vienna between 10 - 20 November 2018.  You have provided my travel companions and me great pleasure through your good sense of humor, professionalism and your deep knowledge about the destinations of Vienna.  I'll definitely get in touch with you the next time I am in Vienna, which I am sure will happen sometime next year since I have promised my wife to take her on a Crystal River Cruise.


Until then, take care and I look forward to seeing you again.


Best regards,

Kenneth Yau  2018-11-27                          

Nanjing Lufthansa Sales Excutive

Greetings from Nanjing and wish you a belated Happy Chinese New Year .


I am writing to you as I’d like to express my deepest appreciation for your excellent tour guiding for our group of 11 people during our stay in Vienna ,  everything about it has been exceptional , we had very deep impression on your punctuality , passion , strong communication skills and professionalism .


You are a very enthusiastic guide with heaps of knowledge about sites in Vienna, you were absolutely hilarious and got along with the group really well. It was informative and interesting tour, you put things in perspective and kept all entertaining despite the cold weather. We loved the tour so much!


Best Regards,

Robin Wang - Sales Executive 

Lufthansa Group 2019-02-12